09.27.22 Featured Webinar

Specialty Pharmacy: Why It Keeps Your Clients Up at Night (and Solutions for a Good Night’s Sleep)

The numbers are worrying: Specialty meds represent up to 80% of new FDA approvals in recent years, the drug development pipeline currently contains more than 1,000 new specialty drugs, and the median annual price of 13 novel drugs approved this year for complex conditions tops $250K. Specialty-drug market spend is expected to hit $310B by 2023. That’s next year.

But RxBenefits’ pharmacy benefits experts are here to help you and your clients rest easy. Join them as they dive into the latest specialty pharmacy issues impacting plans and share insights to help mitigate rising cost and risk. You’ll learn about:

  • Specialty spending and how it’s connected to drug utilization
  • The specialty pipeline, and the impact of future drug spend
  • A unique solution that helps solve for the growing risk of high-cost specialty claims and mitigate the gaps common in standard stop-loss insurance

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