Safeguarding Specialty Spend

Self-funded employers face skyrocketing prescription benefit costs driven almost exclusively by specialty drug claims. RxPharmacy Assurance can help benefits advisors reduce their self-funded clients’ total cost of risk, offering them a way to limit their specialty exposure, potentially obtain lower stop-loss premiums, and make their prescription benefit more affordable.

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The numbers are worrying: Specialty meds represent up to 80% of new FDA approvals in recent years, the drug development pipeline...
Stop-Loss Is Not a Complete Solution

“Using stop-loss insurance on its own is like providing short-term and long-term disability coverage to employees, but only buying short-term disability insurance.”

Stop-loss plans are renewed annually, which can result in a large claim being covered for just a few months before the patient is lasered, leaving the employer exposed the following plan year.

Insurance carriers typically issue significant rate increases subsequent to claims, making coverage unaffordable for employers.


of specialty pharmacy costs are driven by six conditions

RxPharmacy Assurance Provides Peace of Mind

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Pharmacy Risk

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