RxPharmacy Assurance, Inc., a sister company of RxBenefits, is a Vermont-domiciled Sponsored Captive managed by Marsh Captive Management. Upon meeting membership eligibility requirements, self-funded plans of all sizes can access affordable supplemental stop-loss insurance to manage pharmacy risk.

RxPharmacy Assurance Addresses
Inherent Gaps of Traditional Stop-Loss

Self-funded employers face skyrocketing prescription benefit costs driven almost exclusively by specialty drug claims. In fact, a new drug claim can easily double, triple, or quadruple pharmacy spend for employers.

RxPharmacy Assurance’s stop-loss supplement is designed specifically for pharmacy risk associated with virtually all specialty conditions and most of the specialty drug therapies used to treat them. — and provides multi-year protection that extends beyond traditional stop-loss coverage. Our supplemental stop-loss solution can help insurance brokers reduce their self-funded clients’ total cost of risk, offering them a way to limit their specialty exposure, avoid high stop-loss premium increases, and make their prescription benefits more affordable.

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Start Safeguarding Your
Clients’ Specialty Spend

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