How It Works

RxPharmacy Assurance helps brokers reduce their self-funded clients’ total cost of risk, offering them a way to limit their specialty exposure, potentially negotiate lower stop-loss premiums, including and not limited to RxPharmacy Assurance’s exclusive carrier partners, and make their prescription benefits more affordable – but how? Learn more about the supplemental stop-loss coverage, the broker certification process, and frequently asked questions.

Who Does the Stop-Loss Supplement Protect?

RxPharmacy Assurance enables insurance brokers to secure affordable specialty pharmacy supplemental stop-loss insurance for their self-funded clients.

How Does Coverage Work?

RxPharmacy Assurance’s stop-loss supplement is designed specifically to protect against pharmacy risk associated with virtually all specialty conditions and most of the specialty drug therapies used to treat them – and provides multi-year protection that extends beyond traditional stop-loss coverage