09.01.23 News

RxPharmacy Assurance, RxBenefits Unveil Enhanced Specialty Cost and Risk Solutions

RxPharmacy Assurance and our sister company, RxBenefits, have unveiled groundbreaking enhancements to the comprehensive pharmacy benefits offered to self-funded plan sponsors. 

RxPharmacy Assurance, known for its flexible pharmacy-only supplemental specialty stop-loss coverage, now offers a range of deductibles and broader coverage to protect against catastrophic specialty drug claims. For comprehensive safeguarding of your plan, RxPharmacy Assurance is paired with RxBenefits’ Protect suite of clinical utilization management solutions, which ensures the prudent use of high-cost medications and significantly reduces risk on the insurance. 

With pharmacy expenses soaring and specialty drugs accounting for a substantial portion of healthcare costs, this collaboration provides self-funded plans with a powerful toolkit to maintain affordable and robust pharmacy benefits. Discover the full details in the press release.