HUB-Exclusive: Untangling the World of Stop Loss


When specialty worries keep your clients up at night, be their source of a good night’s sleep. 

The rising cost of specialty – and the risk of catastrophic specialty claims that come with it – mean sleepless nights for many clients, and sleepless nights for them frequently mean sleepless nights for you. But you can all rest easy. Stop-loss insurance can be a crucial backstop for your clients in a volatile specialty landscape, and SBR & RxPharmacy Assurance have answers to all your stop-loss questions. Join us for our HUB-exclusive live webinar, Untangling the World of Stop-Loss. 


Presented By


Nathan Reuter
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for SBR

Paul Fortunato

RxPharmacy Assurance Senior Director & Product Owner

Chip Haring

RxBenefits Executive Advisor for HUB

John Donaldson
RxBenefits Senior Director, Stop Loss Carrier Relations (Q&A)